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Delighted to announce that my New Single

“ I’ll Tell me Ma “ ( The Old Belfast Street Ballad ) featuring Mick Foster is available NOW to download , from iTunes , Spotify and all streaming platforms

I’m so thrilled to have my good friend, the super talented Mick Foster playing accordion on it !!!
It’s produced by Jonathan Owens ,and I hope you will Request it from this Weekend on your favourite Radio Show !!  

Click on any of the images below to open in that forum and play/download the song



Trudi Lalor – Believe – CD001

€10 plus €2 post & packaging CD cover Believe by Trudi Lalor   

  1. These are the good old days
  2. Always with me
  3. Life on a peaceful Shore
  4. Believe and keep dreaming
  5. Thank you
  6. God on the Mountain
  7. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
  8. How great thou art
  9. Amazing Grace
  10. You Raise me Up
  11. Softly and Tenderly
  12. Letter from Heaven CD cover Believe by Trudi Lalor


Trudi Lalor – Old Friends are Best – CD002

€10 plus €2 post & packaging CD cover Old Friends are best by Trudi Lalor

  1. Old Friends are Best
  2. When I grow too old to dream
  3. I Remember you my love
  4. My Old Cottage Home in the Glen
  5. Sunshine of your Smile
  6. The only one I’ll ever love is you
  7. The Old Refrain
  8. Aghadoe
  9. Mr Moon
  10. You were never too far from my Mind
  11. Darling I’ll never stop loving you
  12. I wish I had someone to Love Me

Bonus Track – Whispering Hope CD cover Old Friends are best by Trudi Lalor


Trudi Lalor – The Collection (Double CD) – CD003


€10 plus €2 post & packaging CD cover The Collection by Trudi Lalor

CD 1 

  1. Lovely Laois
  2. My Ireland
  3. Lough Sheelin Shore
  4. Blossom Time in Ireland
  5. Money Talks
  6. If those Lips Could Only Speak
  7. Old Irish Song
  8. Rose of Mooncoin
  9. Achill Island Home
  10. Dungarvan my Hometown
  11. Tipperary Calling Me
  12. From an Island to an Island
  13. Sprig of Irish Heather
  14. Killarney in my Dreams
  15. Land Where the Slaney Flows
  16. Loving Arms of County Down
  17. We’ll Meet Again in Spancil Hill
  18. New Love Story
  19. You’re the only One
  20. Danny Boy

CD 2

  1. 100 Honeymoons
  2. The Blame
  3. Old Fashioned Love
  4. Lucky Old Colorado
  5. First time
  6. Country Medley
  7. Don’t Fight the feeling of Love
  8. Out of Reach
  9. It Only Hurts me Baby when I Laugh
  10. Next Time Round
  11. To Have & to Hold
  12. Country Jive Medley
  13. I knew enough to fall in love with you
  14. Losing Side of Me
  15. Reasons I’ve forgotten
  16. One Love
  17. Double Dealing Heart
  18. I’d Fall in Love tonight
  19. Don’t Wanna Walk
  20. I’ll Never Love this way again CD cover The Collection by Trudi Lalor



Trudi Lalor – Thank You – DVD001

€10 plus €2 post & packaging DvD cover Thank You by Trudi Lalor

  1. Thank You
  2. Old Friends are Best
  3. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (duet with Trudi’s mam Philomena Keyes)
  4. My Old Cottage Home in the Glen
  5. Lovely Laois
  6. My Ireland
  7. Rose of Mooncoin
  8. Far away a light is burning (duet with Patrick O Sullivan)
  9. When I Grow Too Old to Dream (duet with Trudi’s mam Phiolmena Keyes)
  10. The Only one I’ll ever love is you
  11. Country Medley
  12. Sunshine of your smile (duet with Dave Lawlor)
  13. Gentle Mother
  14. How Great Thou Art DvD cover Thank You by Trudi Lalor